Upcoming Webinars

A Step by Step Approach to Joint Mobilizations
Learn how to master any type of joint mobilization question on the PCE.
During this session, we will teach you PT Exam Prep's framework for passing these difficult stations and go over contraindications, treatment parameters, and several practice stations.
Master AROM with these easy steps
Do you know what to do in an active vs. passive range of motion station? What about how your approach differs if the question says assess vs. measure. We'll cover both these topics during this webinar.
During this session, we'll go through active vs. passive range of motion stations and teach you how to properly execute each type of ROM question.
Exercise Progressions and Regressions on the PCE
We will walk you through some tips and tricks to prepare for exercise types of questions and review practice questions to help you crush your upcoming exam.
During this session, we’ll cover the absolute must know topics for both the Written and Practical PCE.