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PT Exam Prep Employment Sponsorship Program

PT Exam Prep has partnered with employers who will sponsor students to take our courses, pass the exams, and secure employment in Canada.

How does it work?

  • Clinics looking to hire physiotherapists will make a commitment to sponsor you to take PT Exam Prep’s written and/or practical course.
  • Students who are looking for employment can search our Employment Sponsorship Partners and apply.
  • In return for their sponsorship, you must agree to their employment terms.

The process of applying for a sponsorship with one of our Employment Partners is as follows:

  1. Visit our Employment Sponsorship Partners page to find clinics who are offering scholarships towards written and practical courses (pending employment at that clinic).
  2. Contact the clinic using the information provided, and apply for available positions. You can apply to any or all of the clinics listed.
  3. The clinic will interview you to determine if you are a good fit.
  4. If both the student and the clinic agree on employment terms, the clinic is then responsible for registering and paying for the student directly on our website.

Students, please note:

  • This is a student-driven process. You must contact the clinics directly, arrange your own interview and make sure you can see yourself making the required commitment to that clinic.
  • PT Exam Prep does not assist or intervene in this process, nor are we student advocates. We are simply providing information to both yourselves and potential employers.
  • You must also understand that PT Exam Prep cannot control the outcome of any application/interview process you may go through.

Good luck and we hope that you are successful!