Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund policy: Once we send you your materials, we do not offer refunds.

If you are waiting on your results and want to purchase a course, you have two options below, with examples of what happens if you pass or fail your written exam:

Receive materials AND register for a session
Fail: we will try to fill your spot and move you to a session once you pass. Note, we can only transfer you if we are able to fill your spot, so the earlier you let us know the better!
Pass: you are ready to go!

Receive materials but DO NOT register for a session
Fail: we will transfer you to the next exam you are eligible to take.
Pass: you will be able to pick a session. Note, you will only be able to choose between open courses.

There is a $50 administrative change fee for any changes once you have picked a session.

If you have a question regarding this policy, please contact us.